WALA by Oobergeek

Why Lie? 2x
Verse:  I have to cross dress as a sheep just leap in one’s sleep  Low vocabulary and high (appateet) “appetite”.  Menstrual all in the spaghetti sauce  Sound strange cause it doesn’t scare daddys off.  Give me tons of suitcases of gold  He brought back one hundred of my encephalon’s clones.  Labeled me “God”, I greeted him same  and said “I wish every fuckin’ body’ll know their name.”  African drum from Marshall’s, that bitch made in China.  sippin’ Chlorophyll while surfing designer  front room, no television but OPEN WINDOWS!!  my reality shittin’ on em.  You expectin’ rhymes from niggas you look up to  they be teachin’ you  they don’t wanna be preachin’ it, so they rap it to you.  It all sounds the same for the “few and the proud”  but the ignorant and loud?  Yeah yeah nigga what is you sayin”  (Nigga what the fuck is you sayin’ !!)  and then that’s when you break it down.  The Breadwinners said dead figures lead winners  who said “Niggas dead” and when they thought they fled  they were stopped… and them rims?  (What about the rims, what about the rims)  They kept spinning.  You gon be your own ship’s anchor  Tell the Lord thank you with your hurt knees, fat cankles.

Clergy Sounds


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