Fresh off the heels of his lauded remix tape Amazing Remixes and armed with a renewed hunger for creating the best in alternative yet adventurous and mind-bending music, Grand Rapids, MI native and artist/producer extraordinaire The SEVENth is set to put another flame under the indie music world’s behind with his latest single, “Party and Dance”.

Ever the genre-bending, barrier-blurring artist, The SEVENth looks to continue in his own tradition of throwing the rulebook for music production and creation out the window and paving his own path to prominent musical recognition with “Party and Dance”. Previously known for combining sonic elements of syrupy Hip Hop vocals, dark Midwestern Techno, frantic Industrial, thumping Funk and powerful Electro Pop, and with the critical acclaim and substantial support of past independently released EPs and mixtapes, The SEVENth is in prime position to continue making heads nod, hips swivel and minds expand with “Party and Dance”. With music having an increasingly rare ability to make you dance and think at the same time in the 21st century, as is always the case with the music of The SEVENth, expect the unexpected.

(written by: Ron Grant)
released 04 October 2013
Written by: The SEVENth
Produced by: Michael Pruitt
Recorded and mixed by: Brandon “The SEVENth” McCall



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