Mike Brown \ by Mensa Kondo

Mike brown by Mensa Kondo          Mensa Kondo | Mike Brown

Finished. My condolences to the Family of Mike Brown and to all of the families who have endured similar atrocities.

Prisms marker and prisms Pen on antique white cotton paper.

I dubbed it “The Saint of Ferguson”

If any of you know anyone who organizes with demonstrators who can support me in making a run of about 15-20 of these at FedEx Kinkos on some large scale paper feel free to contact me ASAP. I wanted to get them printed but I don’t have any money at this moment in time.

I hope to see each print mounted on a harder surface and attached to 2×2’s for demonstrations.

If you can point me in the right direction thank you! If you can’t please share this and/or spread the question around for me, I am very serious about this.

FYI : I have a Darren Wilson poster piece I’m making as well and I also have an Eric Garner Poster piece I am making at this very moment



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